Empire of AR – feat. Pink Fuel

AR banner

In my last post i’ve pointed out a northern GOR- TP Sim for you. And i also explained that there is northern and southern Gor. Those types are really different in lifestyle and behaviour. You can compare the North to the Vikings on earth. Soif you can do so? What is the south compareable to? That is pretty easy. The ANTIQUE. Or better said, the sim i am pointing out today. I am talking about the

Empire of AR

Ar is known as ne of the biggest if not the biggest City in the entire gorean world. *gasps* Glorious Ar is amazing and possibly the gorean equivalent to Rome or Athen 2000 Years ago. I allways imagine the life in this city like in the TV-Shows Rome and Spartacus.

Ar is also known for it’s many Arenas and the fights of the gorean Gladiators, theFighting Slaves. Enslaved men fighting eachother to survive in this rough and hard world. Ha. somehow really sexy, huh? Anyways. Also really known is AR for the STREET OF BRANDS. A street with unbelieveable many Slaver houses. It is said the most expenssive, most beautiful and desireable slaves would be coming from AR. The Slave auction in the auction houses in AR are a huge spectacle. Nothing can be compared with this decadence and beauty.

AR HIGHHigh Caste district with the cylindric buildings !

The reason why i picked AR as southern Sim is, that the builders did a drop-dead-gorgeous Job on the building. The entire sim is used for the city. The build itself has the low caste district ( i love that! ), the high caste district with the cylinder buildings for the high castes and also the street of brands. The Rp is good ( even if couldn’t find my way in so far. it is a bit tricky for me XD). Just yesterday was announced, that a new administrator was elected. Many plots are going on. All those cute little intrigues and fights are gorgeous.

AR low

Low caste District.

I’ve just re-roled from my saharis character to another.

Since i am amazed by albinos ( and yepp i was albino before it was cool and hip back in 2008 ) i picked one of those living snow flakes.

The Eyes are made by myself ( couldnt find realistic ones anywhere T_T ) and are avaible on MP.


So what is Lamb wearing?

Skin: [PF] Doll <Porcelain> (ltbrow)

Shape: my own, sorry ladies :O maybe  abit later this year 🙂

Eyes: -SnowFox- Albino Eyes V.1

Lashes: LAQ – Mascara Black – Natural + Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Campbell hair – Equinox

Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Body(f) ( worths the 2500 L )

Hands: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Hands(f) – Natural Pose(r)

Feet: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Basic Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid/High/Ouch!

Scars: #adored – tough stuff scar

Birthmark: [okkbye] Birthmarks – Left Cheek Big


Choker: Pure Poison – Greek Necklace – Gold

Necklace 1: (Yummy) Raindrop Chain Necklace – Gold

Necklace 2:  Ariskea {Melancholy} – Necklace Day  Autumn Collections ( THANK YOU SO MUCH )-

Headband: Ariskea {Melancholy} – Headband Autumn Collections – ( avaible @ N-twenty One )  ( <33)


Dress: (fd) Elysian Fields Dress – White Sheer

Enjoy !

couldn’t decide. So pick yours 😀

In the North – feat. Skinnery

skolldir2bannerI’ve started to Roleplay again and like many people i just love the tiny universe of the Novels by John Norman. He wrote the Gor-Chronicles  which is super interesting. Unfortunately this man has one of the worst writing styles an author can have. So i imagine, that it is super duper annoying to read all of his erm around 30books.  For the people who does like to read more about it!

Here you can find all you need to know:


more infos

I like both Northern and Southern GOR and i have often the problem thati just can’t decide which of both i should pick. I am myself like BTB the best. BTB means by the books. It is Roleplay which is close to the books and uses many of the gorean laws and rules. Perfect to create interesting long-term storylines. But there is also another side of GOR. GE = Gor Envolved. This side is mostly getting busy with combat. So if you enjoy fighting without any big consequences? This would be your perfect pick.

Since i had to pick one first i picked NORTHERN GOR. Also known as Torvaldsland. It is cold, rough and remind much on the Viking-Lifestyle.

I heard lots of good stuff about


This is a BTB Sim and ONLY BTB , yo you have to know details about the gorean lifestyle in general. Anyways. This sim is picked because of it’s amazingly beautiful build. I love snow and love forests and Skolldir is the perfect mixture.


Sooo i finally made it to get my hands on one of the new releases by TheSkinnery. Yes i am talking about MARNI. She is the Gacha Item for TheArcade.  So go there and try your luck 😛


Skin: [theSkinnery] Marni 12 (toffee)

Shape: my own

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Chibi~ Honey Eye

Lashs: NON – the skin has awesome painted on it :O

Lips: THESKINSHOP (20) (LIPS) ‘Pussy’

Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Julia in dark Tones HUD

Body: #TheMeshProject (BETA) Body(f) ( wearing the free one :O )

Hands : #TheMeshProject (BETA) Hands(f) – Natural Pose(l) ( coming with the body)


Scarf: ISON – oversized infinity scarf -M- (sand)

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Skull – Jewelled – Long – SILVER + BLACK DIAMONDS

Hood: Caverna Obscura – Kahlan Hood Down ~New~ [mesh] ( love )

Sleeves+Belt+Gloves :  ED – Tracker – ( parts of the outfit ) by Bryce Randt

Kirtle: [kk] Marna summer kirtle WHITE long

Boots: BP_Heavy Fur Boot


Winter is coming ! 😀

Artemis’ Avatar – Ariskea I feat. TheSkinnery

Ariskea header

So what means avatar?

AVATAR – In Hinduism, an avatar /ˈævətɑr/ (Hindustani: [əʋˈt̪aːr], from Sanskrit अवतार avatāra “descent”) is a deliberate descent of a deity to Earth, or a descent of the Supreme Being (e.g., Vishnu for Vaishnavites), and is mostly translated into English as “incarnation“, but more accurately as “appearance” or “manifestation”. more infos



Skin: [theSkinnery]Byuri-Bare face(ebony) DB CL1

Shape: my own

Lashs: Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Fluffy Philisha Lashes AVERAGE FIT

Eyes: Egozy.Eyes (Hazel).Light

Hair: *ARGRACE* YUI – Baby Blonde

Ears: [theSkinnery] Human Ear (mesh)

Hands: SLINK – Casual

Feet: SLINK – High

Feet Tattoo: Jalwa – Moroccan Border Feet



Necklace: Ariskea {Celeste} Turquoise  Collar  { Gold }

Rings: Ariskea { Celeste } Collections – Fameshed

Earrings: Ariskea { Celeste } Collections – Fameshed


Dress: Tee*fy Aphrodite DressWhite ( @ collarb 888 )

Skirt: *BOOM* Athena Skirt Long Sugar ( also C888)


SIM: Sparta

Wandering Djinn – Skinnery “Quiana”


Welcome to the desert.

Today my alternative avatar is guest starring.

I love to roleplay and created this super adorable Djinn Girl. Well at least what i imagine as Djinn.

I wanted to bring a favourite store of mine to your attention.  “The Skinnery”.

Every girl who lovves unique faces and enjoys being pretty should stop by there :O


Lamb wears:

Skin: [theSkinnery] Quiana – Bare face(mermaid) NB CL1

Shape: Lambs own shape – Sorry ladies 😀

Azz: *L.inc* Cute Azz Thicker Legs v2.1

Eyes: {D.A} Shattered – Blind ( by Soleil Reid )

Eyebrows: [theSkinnery] Natural Brows 2 – Sassy – white

Lashs: Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Fluffy Philisha Lashes AVERAGE FIT + LAQ Flirty Mascara- Black

Hair: Exile::Blown Away – Naturals ( yeah i know. i posted them often X.x but i just love them :O )

Teeth: Deetalez – Tobgue and Piercing

Lip Alpha: Dead Apple – Lip Alpha XII

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet – High



Nose Piercing: .random.Matter. – Sanza Nose Chain – Gold

Hand Jewellery: . aisling. Darshana Hand  ( @ we ❤ Roleplay )

Choker: .aisling. Chandra Collar F

Tail: MN ~ Devil Tail  by Sephiroth Juran

Horns: .Enfant Terrible. Midsommer Dream horns 2

Tattoo: BubbleGoth –  DragonBorn – Tinteable – Upcoming release

Feet Tattoo:  Jalwa – Moroccan Border Feet


Silks: ~Soedara~ Beaute Drapee Dual White/Gold

Shoes: Slink Siren Leather Stilettos Gold by Siddean Munro


And a song 😀

The last Witch of Bayou – BubbleGoth

BG2b Hello Ladies & Gents.

I’ve released a special version of my Oona Dress for you @ the MAINSTORE location.

It is a special weekend price for only 50L. So hurry and grab your Oona in Gothic style. 😛

And i am proud to announce that another original Mesh by BubbleGoth allmost found its way to the store. Do you see those pretty kneehigh boots with peeptoe? MHM. You know it, dont you? *smirks*

The Kumi Boots are coming soon @ Black Fashion Fair.


Okay enough blabla.

BG2Skin:  BubbleGoth Sealily – Creme – BB (includes all appliers for slink hands,feet,physique,wowmeh mesh,linc phat&cute azz and babybump by AMD )

Shape: BubbleGoth – Sealily – Shape ( comes with Skin )

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Chibi // Abyss/  Spacey Eye (@ TDR Fusion )

Hair: ::Exile:: Blown Away – Naturals ( @Hairfair )

Lashs: as usual – LAQ – Flirty Mascara + Maitreya VIP Gift

Lipstick: League – Isla Lipstick- Onyx 3

Eyeshadow: [Kooqla] – Glassy Shadow – Silver @ Cosmetic Fair ( RUN!!! )

Eyesliner: [Kooqla] – Liquid Eyeliner 01 @ Cosmetic Fair

Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement – Flat Hands

Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement – High Feet

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo :: H13002 :


Dress: BubbleGoth – Oona Dress – Gothic ( 50L weekend offer )

Boots: BubbleGoth – Kumi Boots – Black Suede ( Beta ) will be released @ Black fashion fair in august.


Collar: <TheAbyss> Choker Combo v1

Necklace: [MANDALA]Kamayara_Dogtag_Necklace_Silver


I love this band ♥_♥

Free the sleeping beauty

Alchemy 4b Skin: .Birdy. Dreamer Skin ~Pure~ (Light) @ Secret Affair

Shape: -BG- Sealily Shape (included in Sealily Skin )

Eyes: -BG- Adrenalize me Eyes – Albino ( upcoming release )

Hair: Exile – Wind Blwon – Naturals @ Hair Fair

Hands: SLINK

Lashs: Maitreya VIP Gift + LAQ Flirty Mascara

Gatcha Items by Alchemy YAY

official infos by Alchemy :

Just a little information about our items.

The skin & dress are exclusive and not gacha items except for one. The dress comes in 8 colours to buy seperately, with one rare (white) being as a part of a rare white set in the gacha.

The white rare set includes

The other gacha items (commons) are available to win in up to 6 different colours

All accessories and pet/familiar are MOD
Dresses are rigged and No MOD
Each dress that you buy comes with 2 wearing options – Puff and simple (2 styles of dress)

The Birdy skin only comes in the tone Pure for this event.

Choker: Alchemy – Dreams – Choker – Pink

Bracelets: Alchemy – Dreams – Wrist – Pink

EyePatch: Alchemy – Dream – Eyepatch – Pink @ Secret Affair

Epaulets: Alchemy – Dreams – Epaulets – Pink

Uncorn Mask: Alchemy – Dreams – Unicorn Mask – Pink

Pet: Alchemy – Dreams – Spirit Fawn Familiar – [box]  RARE

ALL @ Secret Affair   ( a big thankies to the Alchemy guys once more ) <333

Dress: . a i s l i n g . Qarth Lady -FATPACK- ( used with HUD “Rose” ) Thank you so mch Druu!

Alchemy 4c

I am THE pastel Child

BG 1b Hello girls.

Let me introduce you to my new label 😛


I was working hard on the rebranding. Like some of you know, i love to develope constantly.

I noticed, that many store liked the idea of alternative and pvc styles and did it too so i let them be and rebranded to a new idea. The style is pretty cute AND cool at the same time.

PASTEL GOTH my friends. Cause pastel is the new black 😛


What am i wearing?


Skin: -BG- Sealily – Creme – BrB ( NEW )

Shape: -BG- Sealily Shape ( comes with skin )

Hair: .Little Bones. – Daylight – B/W

Eyes: Egozy – Intense Eyes – dark Brown

Lashs: Laqroki Natural Mascara black + Maitreya VIP Gift

Lipstick: [PF] Glossy Pout Lipstick <50% Opacity> – Nude Pink

Eyeshadow: *Glance Skins – Lana – Fair – Eyeshadow 02

Eyeliner: [Buzz] Essentials – Royale Liner

Hands: SLink – Flat & Bag

Feet : SLink High Feet

Body:  SLink Physique Figure V.1


Glasses: Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (black lenses)

Necklace: [MANDALA]Sagarmatha_Necklace_Silver

Bag: RO – Baaahhhg (Relaxed Pose)

Belt: SiniStyle Stud Belt


Sweater: -BG- Pastel Bat Sweater – Lilac ( @ Manga Fair )

Pants: {mon tissu} Cuffed Denim Shorts ~  Light Wash

Socks: -BG- See through Socks – Barbie

Shoes: _CD_Gossa Black  ( CandyDoll )

Scarf: ISON – oversized infinity scarf (black)


The inner Glow

Just a short post:P

( yes that is not noemi. it is my alt :O )

Skin: TheShops Deja ( 35 )

Eyes party: Kandy

LipsticK: Juicy Java

Eyes: Egozy – Dark Brown


-LAQ – FLirty Mascara

-Angel rock – Phyllis Lashs

Brows: [TheSkinnery] Natural Brows Set 2

Ears: Mandala Taper Ears

Lips Alpha : Dead Apple  Alpha XII

Teeth: Deetalez – Tongue and piercing

Hair: Clawtooth: That Pretty Lady – Softest Black ( Gacha )


Collarbones Tattoo : MY OWN

Belly Tattoo: Old Tattoo – [Gang/Cold] Dragon  ( personal Version )

Leg Tattoo: Infected – Fantasy Tattoo


Nose ring: Random Matter

Necklace: The Forge

Hand jewellery: . aisling . Darshana Hand Jewelry ( We ❤ RP )

Shoes: Slink Siren Leather Stilettos Gold

The wild ocean – ALCHEMY Seal Cubs

alchemy3b OMGacha Event I showing following cubs :

Alchemy –  Seal Pups – Balloon ! RARE

Alchemy – Seal Pups – Follow – Choc

Alchemy – Seal Pups – Snorkle ! RARE

Alchemy – Seal Pups – Cuddle – Penguin

Alchemy – Seal Pups – Cuddle – Duckie

Alchemy – Seal Pups – Cuddle – Tan

Alchemy – Seal Pups – Hello Sailor ! RARE

( Cub Sheet by Nina Helix )

All are super cute !


i am wearing :

Skin: .Birdy. Kayla Skin ~Porcelaine~ (Bare) Limited edition

Shape: my Own

Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Leonine (M)

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair – Blonds//Goldfish RARE

Headdress: ~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair – Blonds//Goldfish RARE

Lashs: Maitreya V.I.P Gift + LAQ – Dramatic Mascara

Brows: [TheSkinnery] Golden Eyebrows

Slink Hands Flat

Shell Bra: Deviance – Shell Top – MultiPack ( i love deviance. !!)


Happy gachaing!

The crazy Dog Lady – Alchemy II

Alchemy 2New stuff from Alchemy @ Chapter four

 ( picture by Dani : https://www.flickr.com/photos/78098745@N05/ )

I am wearing:

Skin : ~Alchemy~ Demon Skin – Female  –  Orobas

Shape: [Gang/Cold] Mietra Shape ( coming when it is ready 😛 )

Eyes; {.D.A.} Shattered – Apocalypse by Soleil Reid

Hair: Exile::L.A. Pastels  – NEW _ @ the Arcade

Eyeshadow: Lovely Disarray – Defined Raeven (Dark) [Limited Edition]

Eyelashs: S@R 6+ nose ver1.0 ( Snowbunny )

Lipstick: [PF] INK LipGloss


Glasses: Exile::L.A. Glasses ( somes with the hair from the gacha )

Facechain: .:ellabella:. Aurora

Belt: [ATOMIC] Music Belt_Black ( just love this belt :O )

Scarf: ISON – oversized infinity scarf -M- (black)


Pants: *L.inc* Tyra Lowrise Jeans White

Jacket: [Gang/Cold] Boo Jacket – Snow

BootS: Maitreya Stagioni Boots Coal


crazypuplady clear

alchemy 2 b

Because fashion is personality.