Second Life - Player AKA Noemi Azambuja I am playing SL since almost 5 years now. I've joined in August 2009. Fromthe very first day i wanted to roleplay. A reason why i joined this growing community. 6 Days after i've joined I started to RP. i've played for more than 3 and a half years in german Gor. And now i am back to ROLEPLAY: I also wanted to create things. I loved the idea to create my very own store and opened a label called " *nono*creations". a few rebrandings followed. *noe*Designs TailleursPutain Gorean Rose I also tried mainstream clothing for the more casual things. Wynter Arenesmee Gang/Cold BubbleGoth I've started to blogg 4 years ago. My focus was on ranting and venting first XD mostly about the things that were wrong in german gor from my point of view. So here we are with VenusinFUrshion which will be also LotusInFashion. BLOGGER AVIS are LittleBlackLamb and Noemi Azambuja but will be mostly LittleBlackLamb

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Because fashion is personality.