Let’s talk about SHAPES ( 1 )

Hello guys.

Today i would like to talk about shapes. Since i am a SL chameleon i am changing my shape every now and than. But sometimes i come to the point , where i notice, that my shapes allways look similar. Thats nothing bad or so, but sometimes everyone needs a change. So i checked out some stores for shapes. but there was ONE , that made my heart stop, because the shape really looked like on the picture. Le me introduce you to RICIELLI Shapes by Vliet Troncon.

She released in the last weeks awesome shapes and one hitted my heart at the first look.


.Ricielli. Francine 


FRANCINE_AD_CERTO_1                                            copyright to this picture by Vliet Troncon ( i didnt do this one )


And here are my Snaps wit some trys of a few skins i am wearing with it. my Shape on the pictures isnt modded in any way.

Francne shape

Skin : [PF] Harley – Latte – Brown Brow – 01 – b

Lipstick: [PF] Harley – Latte – Pink – Lipgloss

Hair: [Taketomi] willy Platinumi 01 ( tinted ) + Truth – Cerys – Light blondes 05

Eyes: IKON – IKON Perspective Eyes Wight ( @ Liassion event )

Lashs: Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift – Mesh EyeLashes+ Laq Natural Mascara + <TheAbyss> Eyelashes & Moody Eyes

Feet + Hands : Slink Enhancements

Undies: Deetalez

headdress: Countdown to time


1. *Glance* – Lana – Sunkissed

2. *Glance* – Anais – September

3. TheBodyCo. Orchid – (04) Medium + The Body CO. Orchid Makeup “Nude”

4. Belleza – Delaney Skin ( 250 Lindens  Belleza —- Sale !!!!!)

5. .Birdy. Ingrid – Gothly [ @ Chapter 4 )

6. Alchemy – Demon Skin

Vliets Flickr

Ricielli Bodyshop MP

Ylvis – The Fox


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