Today i am posting a list of ALL Skin Shops i Know , and which skins i have ( those arent not ALL, because i’ve deleted many of them in the past ). I will post some review in near future ( preparing RL moving , so i am busy as hell and i allready made this list, so it is easy to post ) Every skin is atleast in one skintone in my inventory ( and allmost all are fatpacks. YES I HAVE AN ADDICTION, THXKBYE)



Alanoctis – Un|Deux|Trois

AL Vulo Aisha , Arya, Eleonor, Georgie, Jade, Lyala, Baba2, Livia , Polly, Sally , Saskia ( THANK YOU SO MUCH HUNNYBUNNY)

[A] renesmee (closed) – Baby , Jona

Atomic – Audri , Grace,  Kianna, Lien, Iona, Sakura

Aura – Briar, Helena

Auxiliary  – Paige


Belleza – Aiko, Amy, Ava, Betty, Chloe, Erika, Kate, Lily V1, Lily V2. Melissa, Mya, Smokey, Summer, Winter

Birdy – Delilah

Bodygossip – Cass, Felicia, Gloria


Candydoll – Lorena, Cassie, Hanna

Chaisuki – Paris, Vienna

Cstar – Aisling, Miss Capricorn, Miss Aries, Miss Leo,

Curio – Mardi Gras, Candy, Fall, Summer, Gogo, Jewel Gold, Jewel Rose, May, Pout, Stormy, Ritz

Cheerno – Zuri V2, Delilah


Daemora – Eve

Deesses – Chyna, Julie, Sofia, Mila, Kylie

Dekade – Claire, Dahlia, Zuri

Dernier Cri – Charlotte

DutchTouch – Amber V2, Maan V2, Maan, Jalilah, Mensje, Megan


Essences – Thursday, Opera, Moira, Cynthia, Derek, Elena, Indy, Michelle, MoanaSerena, Virgo ( Thank you so much girly !)


Gang/Cold – Estura

GlamAffair – Amberly, Roza, Giselle, Leah, Mia, Casiopea, Lilith

Glance – Coco, Anais,Daphne, Jourdan, Lana, Nyasha

Gorean Rose – Kema


Illusory – Paige ( Erm i think all tones and make ups XD)

It Girls – Anaya, Daph, Florrie, Harper, Wixson, Crystal


La Petite Morte –  Neve, Ophelia

LaqrokiElle, Mima, Alva, Ebba, Imani2, Jennie2, Lacie2, Mini, Minna, Olivia, Pearl, Diane ( my first skin ever)

Leafy – Sapphire Fantasy, Sapphire Dust, Sapphire Opal

League – Sia, Amber, Jen, Aria, Taylor, Isla,

Lelutka – Hush

Lara Hurley – Jade, Katya, Mia


Mariko – Ayu, Bambi, Krstal, Sohee2, Yuu

Meghindo’S – Sandra, Carmen, Beyonce Re-Up


Mojo – Alba1.0, Alba2.0 , Alba3.0


Nuuna’S – Geisha, Suvi, Queen OF Hearts, Leopardeyes, BlackLips, B/W, Black, Mai, Skittles, White


Redgrave – Vampire Daylight, TrinityPaper, Vampire Hunter, Trinity Pale, Zuzu, Bella, Avie

Rehab – Shelbie, Juicy


TheSkinnery – Sasha

TheBodyCo. – Iris, India, YlangYlang, Ivy, Lavender, Chocolata, Lilac, Orchid, Petal, Summer, Sunflower

TheShop – Pixie, Alana, Pussy, Xiu, Chocolata,

TheAbyss – Abbie Cole, Ama Garijus, Kass Calypto, Somber

TheSugarGarden – Marina, Ganguro, Baby, MeiMei, Chloe

Trés Blah. – Washe Out, Blessa, Adored, Anna, Neon, Dewy,JeJune, Garbo

Tuli – Jade


Unbra – Abella, Indigo, Dora, Sheva, Yakira, Mayara, Miranova, Scorpia

Unique Megastore – BabieDoll, Melissa, Wendy, American Woman


Vive9 – Eva, Lyse, Estelle


YSYS – Giada


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